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360Sweater – Outrageously Chic, Effortlessly Cool

September 27th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Brands, Contemporary

Leslie Gifford designs awesome sweaters that keep you warm while making sure you feel cool. The name comes from a 360 degree circle which she says replicates the seamlessness of the most perfect shape found in nature. Her mostly cashmere sweater line combines California contemporary with New York sophistication to make a wardrobe. But she does not limit her creativity to just cashmere, she uses silk, wool cashmere, silk cashmere, Australian wool, organic cotton and linen in various gauges and weights

For fall 2010 Leslie has introduced her first accessory collection. It is an outrageous collection of scarves, wraps, blankets, gloves and hats in cashmere and cashmere blend yarns.

Each of Leslie’s everyday essentials have a unique design twist; texture, stitching, buttons,  wrapping or like the newly patented ‘Pocket Sockets’ which is essentially a glove built into a sweater pocket.

I love sweaters and consider myself a sweater aficionado given all the sweaters I bought and sold over my buying career. 360Sweaters are a sweater lovers dream.  They are priced well so you can achieve good margins at the store level, the details make them stand out from the sea of sameness and the quality speaks for itself.  So if you don’t have it in your store now…its not to late…sweater season has just begun.  Burrrrr!

360 Sweaters Navy Cardigan

Leslie Gifford Creative Director of 360 Sweaters

Leslie Gifford Creative Director of 360 Sweaters

Photos: 360 Sweater Website and Facebook Page

Where to find it:

310-315-2881 fax

NEW YORK, NY 10018
310-315-2881 fax

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  • April

    What stores sell ur sweaters. Love them!!!


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