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Customer Service

I recently read a rant  by David Sax in the New York Times called “In the Roll of an Eye, the Death of a Sale“.  It’s about the lack of customer service he receives when he is the only person in the store.   He starts with “Excuse me? Pardon me? I’m sorry.  Didn’t mean to interrupt your text messaging, which is probably what brought that look of scorn to your face, but I was wondering if you could help me.”

Does it sound familiar.  We’ve all had it happen to us.  But David boldly reminds us that the goal of a store is to trade money for goods and services.  He goes on to tell us how customer service is meant to work; “I ask questions about various products – in this case, the clothes beautifully displayed around us – and you, in your role as service person, answer them, perhaps even leaving your spot behind the desk to physically touch the clothes and aid in my investigation and ultimate purchase of them.”

His rant is very funny and has so much truth to it I hope you’ll read it at  The moral of the story is when your customers’ feel like they are interrupting you or inconveniencing you they’ll  “slink out quietly” just as David did (and maybe even write about it in the times).  With a mental “sorry to have troubled you”, they’ll head to a store where they can feel validated and ultimately purchase something.

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