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Social Media

If you’re in retail, you’re Social.  Shopping is Social.  From bricks (your physical store) to clicks (your online store) word of mouth is driving traffic into your store and merchandise out the door.

Good old fashion word of mouth conversations on the web – that’s Social Media.  If you’re tweeting, or blogging or talking on social sites you’re sparking conversations.  If your conversations are interesting they get passed and shared on the web.

You could be the next Prabal Gurung, a designer who launched a collection in Febuary.  Then Demi Moore tweeted a picture of herself wearing one of his dresses to her estimated 1.3 million Twitter followers.  Traffic doubled on his web site, his Twitter followers doubled, visitors to his Facebook fan page doubled.

If you’re a brand or store and you’re not using Social Media.  Wakeup!  You can’t afford not to.  Jump on the bandwagon.  It has already left the station.

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