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DVF's Holistic Approach to Social Media

No stores would carry Diane Von Furstenberg’s signature wrap dress in 1990 even though it hung in the Smithsonian. “My brand meant nothing,” she says. “I had become a has-been”.

Fast-forward to 1997 when she staged a comeback with the re-launch of the dress that started it all and began transforming her company into a global luxury lifestyle brand.   She went from “has been” “to love her” “to red hot”.   How did she do it?

Fast-forward again to 2009 when she began framing her line to appeal to her new young demographic.  In addition to retooling her website she updated it with enhanced social media functionality,  allowing shoppers to share and discuss DVF merchandise with their friends on Twitter and Facebook.  “We decided to have a presence because it was a very organic way for us to communicate online” the designer said.

DVF’s approach to communication is holistic.  It’s not just about her website.  Or her stores.  Or her Twitter page.  Or her Facebook page.  Or her blog.  It’s about them all and how they link back to the DVF brand.

Her Twitter following on InsideDVF is over 33,000 and growing daily.  When her followers re-tweet, people listen.  Lot’s of people listen.  And when they re-tweet their viral reach far surpasses any budgeted advertising buy.  When they re-tweet the message is believed.  It’s trusted. It’s welcomed.

InsideDVF Twitter followers are privy to photo-shoot details, cool links and info about new products.  It’s reach is global.  DVFLosAngeles’s reach is local.  Tweets about the Nymus dress arriving in-store or reminders about a special local event are shared with the 700+ local followers regularly.

DVF’s blog is also called InsideDV.  This is where Diane takes fans behind the scenes.  They are treated to show preparations, backstage interviews and stories from her life as a designer.  She shares, you share, everyone’s happy.  And happy customers shop.

On the  DVF Facebook Fan page fans get special treatment.  They are rewarded with exclusive invites to online sample sales and there’s a Fan of the Week award.   They can view videos from her latest fashion shows, upload pictures of their favorite DVF outfits and send messages directly to Von Furstenberg.  What makes DVF Facebook pages work for her?  She knows her audience, provides quality, consistent content, encourages discussion and engagement and doesn’t take herself or her brand too seriously.  Don’t you just love her.  Feeling a little like BFF’s already.

With over 400 million Facebook users, more than 75 million Twitter users, and over 133 million blogs indexed by Technorati since 2002, social media is sizzling.  And DVF’s holistic approach is red hot, just like the lady.

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