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I love stores….but I really, really love boutiques. What do I mean by boutique?  It’s a specialty store that does what it does really well.  It’s “special”.  Hence the label – specialty store.

Boutique is a French word for apothecary.  Back in the day any small shop was considered a boutique, and most stores were. Merchants focused on a single product, like fabric, cheese, apothecaries, etc.. They were stand-alone with a single owner.  They were highly edited to reflect a distinct point of view…the owners.  They were “special”.

Circa 2009, true boutique’s have been obscured by all the stores that think if they call themselves a boutique they’ll suddenly be special.  Not even close!

This blog is about truly special, well edited, beautifully merchandised, independent boutiques.  It’s about boutiques that have a unique, focused point of view.  And it’s about the designers you’ll find in them.  It’s also a place to hookup and learn how to become a boutique, or start a boutique (brand, store or showroom), or just how to be a  better boutique.

Want to get added to the list?  Send me some pictures and your story.

Enjoy finding other great Boutiques:

Aberson’s – Tulsa, OK
Alli*G – Mill Valley
Atrium – New York and Miami, FL
Banyan Tree – Cleveland (Tremont), OH
Barbara & Company –
Boulder & Denver, CO
Beyond 7 – New York City (Chelsea), NY
Beanie + Cecil
Raleigh & Wilmington, NC
BigDrop New York City
– Miami and New York
Blanc Boutique – San Anselmo, CA
Blush Boutique
– Kirkwood, MO
Bonnie & Clyde’s
– Chicago (Bucktown), IL
by george – Austin, TX
Catwalk Boutique
– Indianapolis, IN
– Boston, MA
Chalk – Evanstan, IL
Coco Lily – Avon, CT
Companions – Little Rock, AR
Curve – LA, Miami, New York
Dress Up Boutique
– Chicago, IL
– New York, NY
– Dallas, TX
Ella Ross
– Albuquerque, NM
Elyse Walker Pacific Palisades, CA
E Street Denim – Highland Park, IL
Evi LouTremont, OH
8 Fifteen
– Indianapolis, IN
– Austin, TX
Finicky Filly – Charleston, SC
Frannie – Winnetka, IL

Frankey’s – Indianapolis, IN
Fred Segal Fun
Gypsy – Palm Beach, FL
Gildas – Newton, MA
Gray Boutique
– Winnetka, IL
Hattie – Ojai, CA
H. Audrey – Nashville, TN
Haven – Franklin, TN
Head over Heels – Santa Cruz, CA
Heist – Venice, CA
Hem Jeans – Austin, TX
Hemline – Houston, TX
Joovay – Rhinebeck, NY
Kerut – La Jolla, CA
Ketch – North Seattle, WA
Krista K
– Chicago, IL
Haven – Atlanta, GA
Helen Yi – Chicago (Bucktown/Wicker Park), Il
Imogen + Willie – Nashville, TN
Indexx – Studio City, CA
Lake – Los Angeles, CA
Langford Market – Houston, TX
Legends – Nantucket, MA
Les Ami – Seattle, WA
Lesley Jane – Zionsville, Indiana
LOOC – Boston, MA
Mary & Martha – Indianapolis, IN
Malamar Chicago – Chicago (Bucktown), IL
Margaret O’Leary – Mill Valley, CA
McMullen – Oakland, CA
Mint – Houston, TX
Moxie – Indianapolis, IN
Moxie – Greenwood, CO
Otte – New York, NY
Opening Ceremony – New York (Soho), NY
P45 – Chicago, IL
Penelope’s – Chicago (Wicker Park), IL
Planet Blue – Malibu, Ca
Posh – Houston, TX 77005
Pretty Thing Boutique – Beverly Hills, CA
Bliss Boutique – San Clemente, CA
Nicolette – San Francisco, CA
Robin Richman – Chicago (Wicker Park), IL
Rowe Boutique – Columbus, OH
Roslyn – Chicago (Bucktown), IL
Rowe Boutique – Columbus, OH
Sage – Indianapolis, IN
Sara Benjamin – Cincinatti, OH
Savanah – Santa Monica, CA
Scarpe – Telluride, CO
Souchi Boutique – Portland, OR
Switch Boutique – Beverly Hills, CA
Sweet Charity – Brooklyn, NY
Sweet William – Hinsdale, Il
Snappy Turtle – Kennebunkport, MN Delray Beach, FL
Sugar – Greenwood, SC
Tangerine – Chicago (Bucktown), IL
Theodore – Beverly Hills, CA
Third Street Habit – Philadelphia, PA
Uber – Indianaoplis, IN
Up Stairs On 7th – Washington, DC
VOD – Dallas, TX
Waves – Bridgehampton, NY
Weekends – Boulder, CO
Whim – Burlington, VT
Wink New York, NY
Worthwhile – Charleston, SC
Wendy Foster – Santa Barbara


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  • jodi walsh

    Check out Upstairs on 7th in Washington DC. Once you shop in this small boutique you are hooked. Ricki Peltzman pays attention to her clients needs and listens to them. She has young clients but her customers are mostly 50 and older. She won’t let you buy anything unless you look amazing in it!

  • Amy

    Have you seen Custard Boutique in Savannah, GA? They are one of the gorgeous boutiques that carry Threadware. Custard just moved into a new space and it’s def worth a peek if you’re in Savannah.

    Other boutiques, we love working with:
    Darling (in NYC)
    Anik (in NYC)
    310 Rosemont (Houston)
    Holiday (Boston)

  • Alla

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